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I really just have a blog so that my thoughts don’t go in vain, but also so they make sure to exit my brain, so I can have space for more flow up there.

it can feel stuffy. (up in my brain)…being a creator, I am always bomb-rushed with thoughts at any given time... “I could create this” or ”Oou, this is a good idea” or “painting this would probably make me feel better”… but what about the thoughts in between the idea and the physical act of creating.

as the rain falls outside my window, eye can only think that today eye am reflecting the earth herself. There are some sunny and bright days, and some gloomy and grey. Gloomy and grey always have space to turn into another hue, but the only the creator can determine what step to actually take next: Wallow in gloom or raise the vibration with light and color…. today the gloomy rain outside has me feeling the feels but that doesn’t mean I won’t shapeshift into a lightbeam in a heartbeat... eye know what to do. Just waiting on the source in me to make the next move...although wallowing is good for the creative process; it provides a clear view of balance.

Knowing this is only temporary, I sit in my wallow, anticipating my light.

eye got this. This is grief. (& I’m proud of you for saying it out loud)

- a letter to me ( and whomever else can relate )


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