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A Day At The Stu 🎨

A Grand Risiiing to you all 🥰

Cleaned and rearranged my studio yesterday & felt refreshed! Blessed her with my refreshed water bowl for my Rose of Jericho that I has been previously using at home.

I set my intentions with a money spell to manifest abundance over and through my business endeavors all of 2021!

Rose of Jericho, also known as the resurrection plant, is well known for its ability to curl up and become dormant when dry, and “resurrect” or come back to life when it finds water. Rose of Jericho can live for years without water. The plant’s leaves curl into a ball, allowing it to preserve itself. Its roots stay intact, and when it finds a water source the plant quickly opens up and turns green again until the water is gone.

To work this plant’s magical properties, start by holding and meditating with it. Exchange energies and get to know each other. Use a clean bowl or vessel to place water in.

Because of its association with revival, it is often used to “resurrect” areas of life. Prosperity and money magic, love magic, and health magic are all common uses for this plant. Whichever intention you have for this ritual, focus it into the water the plant will be placed in. Water is spiritually very conductive of energy. You can also place stones or other symbolic items like photos in the water and/or on the plant. Write your intentions on a small piece of paper, and ask the plant out loud for its help with these intentions. Fold the paper and place it near, on, or under the plant or bowl.

If you’d like, light candles around the plant. Talk to it and connect with it every day that it is awake.

If you’re not looking to do a ritual with a specific intention, you can use the plant to make rose of Jericho water, which can be substituted for scared/holy water. Connect with your plant and meditate with it as you would regularly. Leave the plant in water for at least 24 hours. Afterward, collect the water into a container. This water can be used as a spritz for protection or as a general blessed water.

Blessed to have my own creative space that’s open and makes other creatives feel open and intentional 💫 that’s the only goal: Spread The Intention.

S/o to the OG Ken for coming thru and blessing w presence & purchasing a painting ❗️This piece was completed April 9, 2020💫

IF YOU WOULD EVER LIKE TO VISIT ME IN-STU, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE! If you’re out of town and would still like a virtual in-studio visit, please book here:


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