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A Fashion Blog.

Going to start posting fashion blog posts > OOTD's, fashion inspo & even featured fashion stylists, designers, and enthusiasts!

As in everything I do, color theory and therapy play a huge role in the art I curate. My daily wardrobe process always involves me asking myself these questions: "Who do I want to be today?" "What color do I want to be today?" "How do I want to be seen visually and artistically today?", and then we just go from there.

At this point, Instagram is a business tool for me & I've honestly been tired of posting on IG for likes and stuff. I have ALWAYS wanted an archive for my fashion because I LOVE to step, so here I go. Another outward expression of my inner art life.

Fashion is DEFINITELY art. Explore with me.


I've been resting and rejuvenating my inner g since I made it back from NY, and I realized I was a little sun-deprived while I was there. All of the tall buildings, close to and towering over each other, don't really give too much sun exposure. While I was there I thought nothing of it, just moving and pacing like the city people, but now that I've made it back to my extremely sunny and open-windowed apt, my body did a re-adjust. Waking up to the Light of Ra is such a daily inner g charge for me and my favorite reasoning for being an early bird.

Thank you NY for "taking me dark", so I am always reminded of my dyer need for the light. Eye bask in gratitude for being able to listen to my body and respond by giving it what it needs.

Neutral Rasta is the category lol.

It was a beautiful day to be outside & snap up with the trees.

This fit gave me grounding vibes. The earth tones and Rasta colors made me feel connected to my divine self and the divine earth.

Earthtone colors come from natural things around us: brown soil, green leaf, cloudy sky, as well as the red sun.

These palettes can create a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere.

Meanings: Warm, safe, protective, sturdy, durable, rough

Implications: Earthy, environmental, welcoming, bold

Associations: Soil, forest, wood, countryside

Bob Marley Tee - Thrifted from Goodwill (I think)

Woven Hand Bag - Black Friday Deals & Discount Store (this store is like the new Goodwill 'BINS' {iykyk} they have daily deals from 50cent to $7)

Brown Charlie Jumper - She The Collection (she has these in a variety of colors & fabrics!)

Olive Green New Balance - Plato's Closet for $1 :)

Rasta Hat - Smoke shop in TX

Bomber Jacket - my boobie's jacket :) handpainted by him


Can't wait to post more! Hoping to come up with a name for this portion of my blogging soon.

I have fit pics for dayssssss, so be looking for more content soon, maybe like everyday lol.

..i think i like that for a title

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