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Vintage Items & Handmade Gifts Crafted By Local Artists

GRAND OPENING: Friday, Jan 22 2021

*Runs Through Saturday, Feb 13 2021


๐Ÿ“ Found Memphis 497 N Hollywood ๐Ÿ“

INTENTIONS will be sold hereeeeee!

Thank you Jana Wilson of Arkwings for allowing me to be an artist in this local market! I'm excited to have a different audience view and purchase my work! I hope it inspires customers to be Intentional!

Art is a univerSoul language that connects us all and I'm thankful for an opportunity to connect with new artist here in Memphis!

Intentions 444 Sale:

Chakra Set Ashtrays > $77.77

1 of 1 Custom Ashtrays > $15 each

Paintings > $5 each

'Box Of Things' > $20


Make sure to come through the market and shop my and other amazing local artist's work!

I will be working a few shifts during the market, so please come by and say hi!

*As items sell, I plan to add more to the marketplace!

:) If you would like your own, personal, custom ashtray, please place your order here:

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