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Yooo! Peace & blessings to everyone on this beautiful Monday. One more week left in this year of 2021 and the theme has been: "How will you adjust to your shift?"

Today I woke up in the realization of there being a time and place for everything. This season I've been in for these last few months I've been actively calling it my "intermission" (this has also been a reminder of being careful with my words, because I have the power to manifest through my words). According to a google definition search, the word 'intermission' is defined as: "a period during which action temporarily ceases; an interval between periods of action or activity". I've honestly been in a moment/season of intermission from my paint and the physical act of painting. Within the last two weeks, spirit has been revealing to me the result(s) of my choice while also reminding me why it is imperative for me to give my all to my craft. The time and space I've set aside to "work" outside of my spirit work (my art) has been a time for lessons and blessings. I am constantly reminded why my art is the reason eye am here.

Since I had been neglecting myself and my art in a sense, spirit decided to throw me back in the "game" to remind me who I am and what I am here to do (bc yall :( I literally hadn't painted in 4 months straight) ...I was given the amazing opportunity to curate a

Memorial Jacket for a new client, and the

moments leading to the final piece was one to remember! The entire process of me making the jacket, the client was pouring immense doubt into my capabilities as an artist and was extremely skeptical as to whether or not the order would come out as she'd hoped. After multiple attempts ensuring her that everything would be fine, she actually did not stop doubting me until the

day of delivery, and the jacket was physically in her hands, lol.

The end result was an abundance of gratitude and immense joy, which I knew was going to manifest all along, because I DEFINITELY know what I am capable of creating! I like to think spirit used this custom order to remind me of the kind of "spirit work" that I am here to do, and how imperative it is to the collective. This moment also showed me how much I've been putting an "intermission" on my abilities to heal and share positive inner g through sharing my art. (Thank you Mrs. Bailey for reminding me who I am. No matter how many may doubt, I know my path is to show my true intention!)

For the remainder of the year, I am actively choosing no more "intermission". No more 'putting my art on the backburner so that I can do for others'. No more putting myself last, because my art is INTENTIONAL and it is needed out here to help heal the earth...I dead ass realized I been contemplating with my spirit like "hmmm if I just give this inner g a little more attention and finish the year out with this, then I'll be good to just transition and start fresh and anew come the top of the new year", but today eye realized this: You must train and prepare your body, mind and soul NOW for what is to come so that you are already walking in what is for you. Make it Intentional & TRUST YOUR INTUITION, G! It will never lead you astray.

ASE. You Shall Proceed.

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