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It’s always intentional.

Whatever you know is your path, TRUST IT. Life will continually throw you a challenge or reason to question yourself RIGHT when your level up is near 🤞🏾

Let nothing or no one come in between you and yours. It’s so easy to take someone else’s advice or suggestion of how they‘d handle a situation. It’s ok to listen. Being a listener is key to having and receiving open perspectives. You must remember: someone’s advice is based on their life experiences, good or bad, their traumas and triumphs, their healing process. Everything that comes out of someone’s thought process is based strictly on that. That’s their intention. Not yours.

take your time to listen to you today. pinpoint your intentions. Live for you. You should be your biggest influencer. Heal that heart ☺️ You got it.


^^ manifestation song about taking your time & getting it right

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