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#StyledBySu (003)

This is the third installment of my #StyledBySu fashion blog ☺️


I’m so excited to be consistently posting on my website again, and to start back with FASHION is only right ! I love clothes so much. They give you a chance to be whoever you want to be for the day.

This fit was something cute and simple for a Sunday Brunch. Cute fall colors and fabrics. Also s/o to my amazing NeeNee for beating my face 🥰🥰🥰

Jumpsuit - thrifted & hand painted by me

Denim Trench - thrifted, can’t remember from where, but I can’t wait to paint this bad ass jacket 😍 the quality of the denim is so heavy and the leather around the collar is REAL. I absolutely love a quality jacket because it can show what era of fashion it came from based off how amazing the fabric is still in tact ☺️ Heels - my cousin‘s lol, I didn’t have a cute shoe for this fit, so her‘s worked perfectly

🤍 more fashion blog posts coming soon ❗️

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