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StyledBySu (007)

Out in the sun, capturing new faces in their fly fashions & self expression✨


I saw this beautiful soul walking past the car in the parking lot of the grocery store… I had to stop her because the walk was giving confidence and the outfit spoke for itself 🥰🖤


A Queen. True maturity at its finest. Meeting this Goddess of a woman was like meeting a piece of Earth herself. Poised, cool, calm and collected, and nurturing. She loveesss cheetah print and animal print fashions 🤎


Ya girllllll was feeling the tones of the Earth that surrounded me. BASKING in this sun hit wayyy different for me. I felt very grounded in my color choices. Eye was the color of sand, which is on water‘s shore. symbolically, i felt like a reminder to myself that eye may always be washed cleaned and renewed, as many times as the water touches the shore and sand (which is everlasting)

this outfit is giving cuteeee earthy shawty with style and grace 🤎💚 still giving grounding inner g. it really showed me beautiful legs and 🥹 my “new bawdy” (cause ya girl still adjusting to being comfortable in the way I look now) - the camo is a maxi dress I just cut straight down the middle to make a “trench vest” 😉

this simple fit just made me feel cute in my little black dress 🖤✨


For the entire month of May, it’s my intention to wear yellow! Yellow for the Solar Plexus, which is also the next Chakra N Chi class I’m teaching for the month of May 💛 wearing these earthy colors before committing to yellow only for the remainder of the month helped ground me into this new sunny flow and inner g that eye must hone for myself. HERE’S TO THE LOVE OF OSHUN 💛


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