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StyledBySu (010)

My sistar came in town for one night & I was so excited I just wanted to be outside with her before she had to leave back out 🖤

she encouraged me to wear this denim jumpsuit I hand painted & had yet to wear since I made it!

I was thinking it'd be too cold & was doubting myself wearing it, but did it anywayyy & felt so sexy.

{ i love her so much cause i never want to sleep on the power of sisterhood and real friendship. real women supporting each other, loving each other down, catering to each other, protecting each other, praying over each other, making music, money & moves with each other for the most high. she my fav for sure. }

We ended up going to an open mic for musicians on Tuesdays. The inner g is so top tier hereeee. All the musicians are world traveling internationally requested & can play and sing like their life depends on it. Felt so good to be around musicians that are in a position that I know I will be in soon.

Amazing crowd. Def 21/25+ grown crowd. Open bar, kitchen & open mic list. There's usually also a feature performer in between the open mic sets! The instagram is @memphishangsuite They have 2 more Tuesdays before taking a break and coming back in the spring, 12.19 & 12.26. December 26th's feature is Stephanie Bolton. She's a known singer around the mid south!


Jumpsuit: Denim 1 piece gifted to me

Headwrap: some orange pants l always be wearing lol

Heels: Goodwill in Chicago 💚

Entire Fit: under $20 (the jumpsuit is $200 tho, literally prob my first & last time wearing it 😂)


I was so inspired, we even got on the list & performed! Sis has a unreleased song called 'GHOST' that I feature on & it was our first time performing it live ever!! So fun & we got amazing feedback.

I can't waitttttttttttt until more people hear her! Her music is poetry to your ears. Make you feel something every time! None of her songs miss & im damn near on every one! I feel soooooooo blessed. We are truly a dynamic duo 💚

Sistar said we should snap under the light 🥰

THE ARIE NEFER RA 💚 & don't forget the RA !

my beautiful sistar, a walking scripture, warrior goddess, full of love & healing sis 💛💚❤️

• Owner of The Greenarie CBD Business | @thegreenarie on IG

• Writer, musician, clairvoyant, poet, lovaaaa gurl

Thank you sisssss for hanging with me and getting me out the house on a Tuesday!

If you looking for me or wanna hear me sing, I'll be at Hernando's Hideaway for the next two weeks!


more fashion otw.

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