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I'm in a place I'm grateful to be. Grateful to be me in a place.

This outfit was inspired by comfort & swagger lol.

I felt a lil swaggy in this cute & simple fit.


Went to a shisha house & ordered hot tea ☕️

these folks had me hitting the hookah & I wasn't dying, lol! I usually hate hookah and never do it because it makes my head hurt but this flavor was "the Obama" I think papaya and mint or something.. it was super light and enjoyable. Def not something I'm trying to get into the habit of but I enjoyed myself.

I don't remember where any of these pieces came from I'm wearing or how long I've had them. I painted the crop jacket, it has 👁️NT on the back... which reminded me this drunk dude at the shisha house kept screaming "hey third Eye" and I felt he was talking to me but never turned around 😂

afterwards, slid to a live ass dj set with amazing music. Danced my ass off & had so much fun. Don't think I got too much footage, was just having too much of a time.

... lol only video I got & it ain't even me

... but thanks for peeping! Where I am right now, I'm planning to do a photoshoot. Lol I have a camera with me that's not working but I'm gonna manifest some gone shake. I brought hella fits that I painted and just wanna do something cute & exciting for myself...

Think I'm hitting an open mic tonight to perform so very innergized about it. Love doing my thing. Hopefully I'll have a post about that ...

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