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Painted on Dec 18, 2020 / Universe aligned the meaning of this painting for me on December 21, 2020, the day of The Great Conjunction / ...the intention was set that this be the staircase to a dimension where fear of any kind ceases to exist. An intentional realm of peace lies beyond these doors. Choose your Intention wisely....


The color palette of this piece is portraying the color wheel of endless, yet blended color, hoping one would imagine the dimension of Intention to be one immersed in color; color with no seperation. The white door signifies the light we are all searching for, that truly lies within. The "rays of light" (white splatter) is your inner g, self, bursting into the dimension of intentional color, almost as if you were adimant on emitting your light and leaving a ray (or rays) of it wherever you decide to travel.


Back Reads: "Enter Intentions Only Here" / "As Above. So Below."

Stairway To "Heaven"

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