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Sumo The Artist
Founder + CEO

Entrepreneur & Business Owner | Trans-Disciplinary Artist | 'Inner G' Energy Painter | Certified Sound Therapist
Graphic Designer | Singer/Songwriter + Frequency Chord | Teacher & Student | Curator

As an artist, I am aware that eye have been blessed with the gift of communication, and my entire life's purpose is to flow with (never against) the ever-changing forms of expression that come with my journey.  So far, using words, paint, music, poetry and fashion to communicate being intentional to the community has kept me in a student-teacher mindset. Teaching expression comes naturally for me as an artist, but the urge to always learn more about myself (the me in you + the you in me) so that I may teach and flourish in balance, is the everlasting chain reaction that I hope to express to the community & in return, pass on to generations to come.

Everything I represent centers around the healing power of being intentional. Using intention to manifest the life that is rightfully yours is my reward. As a servant of the Most High, I only pray my light & legacy to heal remains the center of my mission.

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My Story

THIS IS INTENTIONAL is an art business specializing in custom, 1-of-1 EVERYTHING.  From private events to hand-painted clothing, canvas art, fashion shows, healing experiences, and even music, Sumo The Artist uses all mediums to help the community interpret and use art as therapy to translate the power of living intentionally.

Founded & created in 2014, INT has always been proud to express the manifestation of believing in yourself and flowing in your divine path. Centered around curating spaces for all to 'come in unity', this art company is a major catalyst and connector for healing the community.

Following a Community Cultivation plan, INT is here to help cultivate sustainable connections, foster inclusivity, and promote well-being by harnessing the creative and healing arts and sharing its healing properties with intent. Using art as a basis of healing allows us to plant seeds of positive change and harvest a bountiful future filled with unity, expression & understanding.

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I'm always interested in new and exciting opportunities, ways to stay connected & reasons to get involved. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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