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BluJazz singer, JHANÉ, took an initiative to produce her own Solo Tour with the help of those that believe in her intent to heal through intention setting.

To give the tour a title is like giving it a stamp of inner g that is to resonate with each audience I am to encounter. 'NASCENCE' is a word used to describe "a coming into being" or "a nu beginning". As a wordsmith myself, I chose this word because it is a synonym to the word 'debut'. With this tour being my debut to the world as a solo artist and performer, it was only the most fitting scribe!

If you have yet to partake in the essence of my music, I deeply encourage you to find some time to set aside to do so. I only hope you listening is a debut, or nascent experience for you. I hope the lyrics and rhythm flow penetrates a nu love for self-discovery and future potential. I truly evolved and TRANSMUTED through this tour & thank you all for reflecting the same inner g for self.

This project & tour was an immense gesture of pure self-love. I hope it resonates into your deepest desires and manifestations.










  • being born or coming into existence for the first time

  • something new but on an instance of rising through the air.

  • derives from the Latin word nascentem, meaning "rising in prominence" and "born or birth"


  • nascere, having even vaguely something to do with birth, including natal, innate, renaissance, nature, nation, and cognate


  • nascent, describes the birth or beginning of something, like a civilization, a trend, an idea, or an action





Immense gratitude & thanks to the Music Export Memphis non-profit foundation for creating opportunities for Memphis artists to showcase their music outside the city, building their careers and building our city’s international reputation as a music mecca.

As a MEM Ambassador, I had the opportunity to promote & highlight the non-profit on the mic at every tour stop! It was great to show immense love to my city while on the road.


Major shoutout to The Greenarie, a CBD Business owned & operated by my Tour Manager, Arie Nefer RA. Arie is a catalyst for supporting an intentional cause. She lives in a constant state of gratitude and is passionate about JHANÉ's mission, her ability to heal with sound, and to be one with sound.

Throughout the tour, The Greenarie's business products were used and promoted on the stage and to the masses! Products include CBD Drinks, Herbal Mixes & more.

Learn more at

At my 1st Tour Stop on June 4th, I was blessed to gain a nu Sponsor during my performance! C L Tim Williams, founder of Non-Profit, 'Always Giving Back', has been blessing me with his presence for almost a year now! We first met during one of my rehearsals for a local music festival called 'Occupy The Shell 3' and at the time I had no idea of who he was to the community. Ever since, I've only come to learn who he is & the fact that he is a catalyst for giving back to the community on a multitude of levels.

AGB offers community outreach & building to the community through philanthropic goals such as supporting charitable, educational, performing arts, religious, or other activities serving the public interest or common good. AGB is proud to support JHANÉ to ensure her gift is shared with the masses.

If you are interested in supporting JHANÉ MUSIC, you are encouraged to!

I would LOVE to wear your merch, promote your business & showcase those that support my vision at all times!

I am the best ambassador!​


Footage from Recent Live Performances & more

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