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The Laboratory.

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Welcome to the group!

This Community Group is for the "Welcome To The L.A.B. - The Documentary"

A Private Event taking place on Sept. 14, 2023, that I myself am curating in honor of my amazing ass brother.

After signing up for the event, you are automatically connected to a group/network of others that share a love for Brandon. This group was created as THE central space to indulge in "(L)ife (A)fter (B)randon". A safe space to talk about him, grieve about him, think about him, share pictures/videos, etc. I am setting intentions for this group to be active the entire year leading up to the event so that by the time the event comes, we all are familiar with each other to some extent. In doing this, it will give us an even more intentional reason to be there for each other in-person at the Film Premiere!


The word "laboratory" comes from the Latin word "laboratorium" directly meaning 'place of work/labor'. This documentary is titled "The L.A.B." because healing requires lots of work & self-labor, and my intention is to translate this film showing into a space where we can all be together and heal, almost like a maximized therapy session.

Another very intentional reason I called this event "The L.A.B." is because our father was a phlebotomist! Since Brandon's spiritual transition, I have basked in the idea that my brother and father are together again. Knowing that that was a huge hole in my brother's heart our entire life, the thought that he no longer has or has to even hold space for that kind of hurt and emptiness is a perspective I knew I wanted to honor by having an event with the two of them in mind together.

I hope you all feel welcomed and encouraged to share here. THINK OF THIS AS BASICALLY A BRANDON FAN PAGE!

Things you post here may even end up in the film itself. (In this case, you will always be asked if you are ok with it being shared first.)

THIS IS MY WAY OF CHOOSING TO HONOR MY BROTHER. MY INTENTIONAL WAY. Eye love each and every one of you for even knowing my brother. He really left me here with an army of forever family.


THE MAIN INTENTION OF THE RSVP PROCESS WAS TO REMIND EVERYONE WE ARE NOT ALONE! Grief can feel like a lonely road, but I made this so that we are all reminded: "yes, we all lost the same person, and we all have a same and different kind of love for him!", so why not surround myself with other people that LITERALLY know my pain.

If you RSVP'd to be interviewed for a part in the documentary, here is what I want you to know, from my heart:

- My "love language/spiritual gift" is communication, and specifically verbal communication.

- The intention behind interviewing you is to honor my own grief healing process by choosing to communicate with others about my brother.

- You being willing and able to talk about Brandon and your grief healing process is you honoring yourself by choosing communication as a form of release.

- You are spiritually entering into a "lab" setting to be able to identify and work towards your healing. Feel free to cry, hurt, scream, be mad, reflect, and smile again.

If you RSVP as an attendee only, please know this:

- I consider this event "a spiritual "IV" for you. IVs are used in hospitals to get something directly into your bloodstream through a vein. It also means 'intravenous therapy'. Being present in the film showing crowd, I am hoping that you are symbolically "pricked in the vein" by the healing 'inner g' and spirit of the documentary. In setting this intention, I am also inviting my dad's presence in, with him being a phlebotomist I want to give him a symbolic role in his son's remembrance by appointing him as the spirit to "administer the IV" to the people. Symbolically, I am honoring those that may not use verbal communication to heal their grief and highlighting that you can heal from within and through the power of silence, which is a form of meditation.

I also honor you because Brandon was not one to always use verbal communication when going through hurt himself. You are seen and understood. YOU ARE LOVED!




The MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMMEMBER about this event is that Courtney Archer DOES NOT KNOW :)

THAT is the biggest intention we all have to keep a secret, lol!

I trust yall 👀

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What Would Brandon Do? That's my "new normal" of everyday thinking. This group is about creating a 'new normal' of a support system in and through grief. Share the hurt & Spread the love Heal2Gether


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