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12.21.20 💫

Hope everyone’s Winter Solstice experience was intentional!

Eye celebrated myself yesterday by meditating myself to sleep and my rising today with a FIRE ASS homemade smoothie bowl todayyy BEFORE 11am ☺️ Yay me!


Yesterday was the last day of my 40 day fast that started on the November 30 Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini ♊️ 👁. Once I realized it was exactly 40 days from that moon eclipse until the Great Conjunction, I had a personal desire to shift my mind & body’s focus for Dec 21. My thought process was: “I never thought I would be living through something so major on an “innergetic“ inner g level, so might as well tap into being intentional a little harder”

Fasting from 11pm-11am wasn't hard except on them nights ya girl had the munchies hard, but I pushed through 😅 it really just taught me how to prep my mind and body to sleep and rise in the morning. Taught me routine and consistency. Reminded me that my rest is essential in order for me to manifest anything. On a more personal level, it showed me I am worth everything I say and know I deserve and will strive to reach for everyday. No one or thing can stop or distract me from my divinity, except myself, and my fast reminded me that that’s not an option anymore at this level I am stepping into. Self destruction is just fear acted out through mind, body, spirit, inner g, and all and intentionally letting it go for the last 40 days....

that was my superpower eye gained 🌟

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