I entered my original music to win a spot performing at the NYE 2021 Countdown Virtual Concert live from @blackinkatlanta (i.e. Vh1’s @blackinkcrew ) & I AM ONE OF THE ARTISTS SELECTED TO PERFORM at & compete in this concert competition! This virtual concert is being live-streamed from ATL to 200,000+ people worldwide on NYE in 4 different timezones. Performing at this will be great exposure & gives me the opportunity to win $10,000 & a performance at the 2021 BET Weekend in LA! (+ so much more!) Performers have the option to travel to ATL to showcase their music live from Blank Ink Atlanta OR perform virtually from home. I will be performing virtually from home so I can have my own setup-n-vibe! In order to secure a spot in the competition, I had to receive nominations in order to secure my spot.

I received my 10 nominations & HAVE SECURED MY VIRTUAL, AT-HOME PERFORMANCE SPOT for the 2021 NYE Countdown Virtual Concert!

Artists performance stage times and stream links will be announced beginning on Tues. Dec. 22 at 6pm (ET) For showtimes and artist lineup click here

I have until Dec. 27 to email in my performance, and will be pre-recording my at-home performance soon so it may be placed in the lineup! 

If you would like to continue to support me & send in nominations, please do so here!

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