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The old site design is GONE! & I’m so excited about it.

2021 is all about COMMUNITY.


’The Community Page’

• This page is the direct connection to finding your Intentional Community. Instead of using regular social media to connect, you can now visit a Private Community Page and/or Community Group directly on the Intentional website. Chat with other community members and even create your own community!

• What You’ll Find On This Page

1. Intentional Blog by Sumo The Artist

2. Community Bartering

3. Challenges

4. Events

5. Groups


This page will feature blank clothing pieces that are in stock and are ready and available to be purchased directly on the website and then, custom painted by Sumo

• The prices listed on ‘Blanks’ is the total price you will pay for the custom design to be painted. So, you’re basically paying the entire price for the customization, rather than purchasing your own brand new blank clothing for me to paint.

• You will still be able to bring me your own clothing you already have to be customized. To book me for this, head to the ‘Booking Services’ page :)

Besides these amazing changes, the website is even more of an experience through the detail you see in everything, from the page backgrounds to the trippy vibe the website has as a whole. I highly encourage viewing the updated site via desktop rather than on your phone!

Anyone using their phone to be a part of the Intentional Community is highly encouraged to download the Wix App and join us that way, rather than using your internet browser. Promise you won’t regret it !

Manifesting a Intentional 2021 to everyone reading. Can’t wait to connect with you through the site ❗️🤞🏾💫


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