NYFW (001)

This week has finally arrived! Let the prep begin.

I am overjoyed with excitement at the fact that I am a part of the 2021 New York Fashion Week Season. I have manifested this moment through dreams and visions for a while, and the universe has presented me with one of my wildest dreams.

Since January, I've been preparing mind, body, and spirit to be in alignment with my actions. Coming up with new fashion concepts and pieces was a challenge in the beginning due to me putting pressure on myself to create, but once I found my flow, because it is always a new flow in my creation process, I was and have been able to flourish creatively.

Throughout this process, I have had to remind self that I AM MY GREATEST INTENTION and that my actions must match this inner g. I am stepping out and relying on FAITH completely to guide my journey.

Can't wait to share this next level journey with you all. All week I will be uploading daily Blog Post(s) leading up to the Virtual Show Premiere!




- Prep Pics / Videos

- "Interview" Videos (w/ myself, other NY creatives, models, etc.)

- BTS Footage

- Runway Show Looks (mood boards, color schemes, etc.)

& more!

Be sure to RSVP for the Virtual NYFW Event here:

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