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NYFW (003)

"Slightly Captured"

Haven't taken too many personal pics while here! I've been immersed in just enjoying each moment as it comes and basking in it, away from my phone. The things I have captured have been inspiring and intentional for me.

*More pics will be posted tmrw, specifically Behind The Scene photos from the Fashion Show! I also brought a disposable with me and will post those pics once I have them developed :)

Pics & Archives:

@ the airport

Working in my hotel room:

Found my last name Street:

The Jacket:

Cobra By: Memphis/NY Artist 4799Ville

INT Grafitti Tag By Me

Grafitti Ally Inspo


**A slight preview of [ Look 3 ] from the Runway, modeled by NY Model Erica Monica

Earrings By: Naiima Love, owner of The Kipepeo Collective

Sun Pin/Earring By: my bestfriend Natia, owner of Amara Adornments

If you haven't yet, make sure to RSVP to the Runway Showcase with Lan of Fashion to view This Is Intentional in NYFW! The show will air on the official FashionWeekOnline on Thursday, Feb 18, 2021! Click here to be in attendance:

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