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NYFW (004)

Been posted, w/ flights being canceled & rescheduled due to weather. Got some tagging in on Monday, which was very exciting. Made a snowman yesterday. Wrote a poem today. Took a walk near a pond. Just been existing in a city flow outside of Memphis. Gratitude has been the theme of my trip.....

also super ready to come home. having withdrawals lol, missing my house life & my kitty.

Manifesting tomorrow I will return; no rescheduled flight.


The NYFW Show with Lan of Fashion WILL AIR TOMORROW! Here's some BTS footage from the taping! **picture edits by me!

Thank You Studio Exhibit for hosting us and being so accomodating and helpful! This venue was the perfect first NYFW experience. Thank you Lan, owner of the fashion production company Lan of Fashion, for calling me to follow up on me being a designer in the show. Thank you to all of my models that flexed Intentional on the runway. Thank you to the MUA, photographers, videographers, and backstage crew for documenting the experience in HD quality. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS COME TO LIFE!

I'm so excited to share with everyone where all my hard work has led and is leading me. As I continue to trust in the divine, set my intentions, believe I've already won, and walk in my manifestations, I am honestly carrying a part of Memphis on my back along with me. Being in NY has shown me that I'm able to thrive and be who I am because 'Memphis Made Me'. To all of my real ass friends, support system, clients & anonymous supporters, I love & thank you for being my strength and reminder to keep painting. I so proud to be a freelance artist, brown-skinned girl, business owner, entrepreneur, fashion designer & more from the M! Having all these intentions make me who I am and sharing them with the world is my soul purpose. NY has opened my eyes to a 'top floor inner g' version of myself and she deserves everything that is coming her way, so here's to more intentions!


graphic by Me! :)

>>> Make sure to RSVP to the virtual experience runway show tomorrow!!!! You don't wanna miss THIS IS INTENTIONAL IN NYFW!?! You can (& should lol) share the event RSVP with literally everyone you know :) - Love, Sumo


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