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#StyledBySu (005)

~ Feeling My Aura ~

Flashing back to summer when it was hawttt and I was hawtterrrr 😆

I am a summer baby, so dressing in my season is always easy for me.

The aura painting on the wall is me! The actual figure was traced around my body. It’s a piece I’ve been working on for almost a year now! It‘s a reflective image of how I feel and radiate from the inside out. I’ve been painting it layer by layer, and only paint an aura level when I feel led to (& this piece is still not finished to this day! There’s one more aura level remaining, and I can’t wait to get to it)

This fit was just for a simple day outside. Felt cute so I took some pics ☺️

My aura on this day was feeling bright and solid, which is why I wore the colors I did. The hints of neon give “I am loving and living in my brightest light”

Wearing grey for me gives solidarity vibes. Grey makes me feel grounded and connected to the ground under my feet. I know sometimes I, and others, may wear grey when feeling low or maybe even depressive inner g, but when you are actively in control of your intentions, your colors can serve you however you need be.

Remember to remain intentional in EVERYTHING you do! Colors DO hold inner g and can play an intentional part in your day if you allow! Let yourself be expressive 🤍


If you or anyone you know would like to be a featured fashionista or a featured fashion icon on the site, please don’t hesitate to inquire! Leave a comment below with your interest and I will be so excited to get you on the site asap!

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