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It was a Magical day & I was feeling blessed ❕got the time and space to share a cute Ass outfit ✨ & actually will start posting these every day if I can remember to!


Went to hear some live free Jazz @ Crosstown a while back at the Green Room & felt like a cute black dress & heels was appropriate.

• The dress - maxi I've had for 6+ years, been painting in it before, sure I cleaned my brush on the side & now we have a design (my fav thing about my work)

Heels - 1 of 1's I painted about 5/6 years ago I think. Beautiful sea foam green w/ all colors painted on em, with the INT & my signature

• Purse - Vintage/Retro INT Bag

• Crown Jewel - I'm about to start selling these on tour ✨🖤

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Zaria Lane
Zaria Lane
14. Dez. 2023

She not 1,2,3,4,5,6, nor 7....she ATE dat up...

Gefällt mir
Antwort an

yum yum 🤣😝

Gefällt mir
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