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FEATURED FASHIONISTA: The OG Deandria > Friend since highschool, "bro", SO STYLISH (always has been) & I'm so honored to post her on my fashion blogggg >>>

By: Deandria (follow her on IG @deandria_lashelle)

'It’s The Statement Piece For Me!'

"As a novice in the fashion world, I’m still finding my artistic voice, but learning different styling techniques has helped me elevate my wardrobe. I’ve been able to create an end goal for every look I curate, and that goal is to always leave an impression.

For me it’s all about bold choices, whether that be colors, patterns, showing a little skin, or repurposing items to create something new. I usually love to find the perfect mix between my masculine and feminine energy, which gives my looks balance and character. I look for statement pieces, basically anything that I think will turn heads. Then, I build around whatever that piece is and create a whole look from there.

For this look I wanted something classy, soft, and romantic but still interesting and fun. So I took an oversized patterned shirt, paired it with a light blue blazer, and tied it all together with some white booties. This gave me a classic retro vibe with an overall tone of chic sophistication."

Blazer: H&M

Shirt: Walmart

Shoes: Boohoo

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