Something I want to make sure I share with the community >>> I MISS YALL 😩 I MISS MY INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY >> I CREATED THIS COMMUNITY & WILL NEGLECT IT NO MORE 🎨


Come 2022, I will NOT be on social media. I said this beginning 2021 but this entire year has led me to the same realization… I don’t need it. Plus I literally want my website to be my only social media so I’m manifesting that inner g from here on out.

I WILL ONLY BE POSTING TO MY WEBSITE STARTING 01.01.22 and will no longer be active on Instagram and Facebook, which are the same thing anyway 🙄 …if you got my snap, you a real one bc it’s super inactive until I’m not lol. If you have my number, you know the business and how to get in touch 🤞🏾

THIS IS INTENTIONAL WILL BE MY ONLY SOURCE OF COMMUNICATION STARTING NEXT YEAR. :) You all have 2 more months of social media me so please pay attention to me posting about transitioning all my traffic and support to my website alone. I am so excited to finally do this full throttle.


- More blog posts:

> fashion blog

> life blog

> divinity blogging

- Upcoming Events ONLY on my events page, no more social media promo ** I would HIGHLY advise everyone become a member to my site to stay in touch with all things INT! I will be big on email communication ONLY very very soon. Please tap in ❤️ I want to remain loyal to those that continue to support me. - Community (Come In Unity) challenges! >> intentional ways to support each other in a community setting

- More active group pages > specific virtual group rooms/spaces for community to gather and be on the same page

- NEW ART FOR SALE > consistent creation & uploading

- Weekly H2O episodes 💨 make Sure to follow @sunshinebysu on IG *this will be the only active reason I use Instagram, to enlighten and educate. - I will start doing them live on my website after a while ☺️ (Very excited to continue the series. If you’d like to know about it or be a guest on the show, please click here )

…. If you’ve read this far, I love and appreciate you truly! This is only a small insight into the things I will be curating for the community. thank you for allowing me time and space to rearrange and redefine my intentions to be able to share them in a divine light. I am excited to continue to expand my wings and fly.



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