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Custom Hand-Crafted Glass Coffee Table w/ a Clear Quartz Inner Rim + Gold Hand Sculpture


This table was made from and with divine Gemini Inner G:

> It literally took everything in/out of me to curate this piece of art. This table is an extension of my aura. The day I created this (see videos in the gallery), I had been in a very low and shifty inner g. One of my closest friends, Amara, blessed me with her presence and it forced me out of my funk and into some colour. I painted my way out and was reminded that eye am the flow that eye need & to always "run back to me" in time of need.

> The inner g + Clear Quartz crystals that grace the table's inner rim is/was cleansed by Andrew Travis, INT's Visual Artist Intern.  I was more than happy that he chose to be intentional about releasing some inner g that was effecting his aura & balance at the time. He was able to transmute this inner g by having the honor of breaking the crystals into smaller pieces using a hammer. During this process, the crystals literally conducted so much heat/inner g, they sparked a visible yellow flame inside the cloth on multiple occassions.


- Cleansed + Saged w/ Intention

- Charged w/ Clear Quartz


*This table contains immense healing inner g + provides vivid color sensory feels*


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